Pray For Amy

I am constantly amazed at the power of God and social networking.

As I stated a few posts before, I love to read blogs.
Most of the time, I find one, which will lead me to another, which will lead to another, this is the process of how I have found most of the blogs I read.

Today there was a post on one that I read about a young woman who is 24, been married for 4 months and she just had a stroke.

It played on my heart strings. I could not even begin to imagine everything that is going through her husbands mind, her parents, hers...

But, I feel like its important to spread the word so as many people that believe can raise her and her family up in prayer!

This is the website you can go to to pray for Amy

"the Lord will act in our behalf. NOTHING can hinder the Lord from Saving." 1 Sam 14:6 - this seems to be their verse that is giving their family peace and comfort.

I know when my family was going through our own medical battle we had a mantra we stuck with that gave us peace.

You might not know them personally (I don't) but we are all God's children and nothing is impossible with God!

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