My book...

My story continues to be written day after day
Some days I wish I could rewrite, and change what was.

But, you can't rewrite what's already there.
Those memories that were made, will always be.

It's not the memories I want gone, but the confusion
Sometimes, I don't know what I am supposed to feel.

Or if what I am feeling is right...

Sometimes I don't feel anything
Other times its like nothing happened
Then sometimes its like everything happened.

Other times I am extremely hopeful and excited for opportunities
And then, what?

I don't want to stop living my story...
I want to continue to make memories, to fill my book up.

I want someone who wants to help me fill up my book
Who wants to help shape me and form me and allow me to better myself

I want to write my story with someone who loves me...
for me and wants to be apart of my story.

I want to be apart of someone else's story
Someone that wants to always be better
That wants to constantly be learning, loving, living.

I want a lot of things...
But I want to write my story with someone who loves me most of all.

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