Storm of 2010


It wasn't necessarily my best year.
It started out calm.
Lifetime member of Weight Watchers. Snowboarding trips. Trip to San Diego for a Quarter Life Crisis then off the LA for the Ellen show. Repelling trip. Four wheeling days. Nights out with the girls.

Then the Storm of 2010 hit.

It was a hurricane of emotions. It was a tornado of fears. It was a flood of decisions. It was a complete downpour. It was like I was standing outside during this massive storm. Torn down. Pelted with debris. Broken. Beaten down. Sopping Wet. Drenched. Soaked to the Core. No way to avoid. Not possible to escape. The storm of 2010.

I had to pull it together to graduate college. This goal I had been working so hard to achieve. It was my first twirl in my storm. Traveling to California. Meeting new friends. OK days. Twirl, Twirl. Work trip to Oklahoma. Baby Showers. Good days. Bridal Showers. Moving into a new apartment. Bad days.  Slipping. Falling in the storm. San Jose for my best friends wedding. Brushing myself off, and dancing again. Learning lessons in trust. 24 Carat Gold Birthday. My Niece being born. Vegas. My life kept going on, even when the clouds were rolling in and out. The wind would change direction.

Slowly but surely, I was dancing in the biggest storm of my life. I am determined to keep dancing. It has been a long, hard, emotionally draining, growing process. I finally understand. I have to go through these lessons to get to my ultimate goal. I want to be the best version of myself that I can. I chose to face my storm head on. I will always choose to face the storms of my life head on. Even if it means I have to bring a few friends with me. The storms will not make a natural disaster of my life.

If that means I have pull up the rain boots. Put on the rain coat. So be it. I will wear the cutest rain boots and rain coat out there to dance in my storm.

I may slip. I may fall. But I will twirl in any storm to come, because the storm of 2010 made me stronger. It made me better. I am still getting there, but it helped open up the idea of the best version of who I am. 

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
             It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

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