Change is the only constant...

I was talking with one of my WW buddies this morning about the new plan that WW introduced this month.
It changes a lot of stuff, it is taking some getting used too, and for the most part we all have our heels dug deep into the ground!

What is it about change that we all fear so much?
If you look back on a time in your life where there was change, and look at your life now... for the most part it is better. You are better.
For the most part, change is rarely wanted
We are all comfortable, things are easy, we are content...

Change causes us to re examine our lives, how we are living, what we are doing.
For most people, its hard to be really honest with ourselves.
Sometimes, its really hard to accept that change is exactly what we need

This year I feel like I have done a lot of changing.
I am changing, being molded, working on being the best version of myself possible...

How are you accepting change?

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