Santa's Coming to Town

There are only 18 days left in this holiday shopping season...
and so far I haven't done any shopping! eeeek!
How is it that every year you know exactly what day Christmas is, but it always sneaks up on you!

I love when I see something somewhere, and think hey! I can make those! Somethings I find, I know someone can make but just not me!

If you are looking for some fun things to buy your honey, sister, mom, or friend this year I would definitely check out Etsy.com

The stuff on there is just amazing, and most the time they are one of a kinds so the person you get it for won't see everyone else wearing it around!

Its been a busy day at work today, but I wanted to take a little time to look around Etsy...

I know I live in Arizona, but I love to bundle up in the winter and I am LOVING this WishBone Cowl scarf!

It comes in all different colors
I personally love the Vanilla Cream, Fig or Mortar

These aren't as useful but I sure do love what it says!
Love Love
These are easily made, actually my sweet friend Megan made me a couple after we saw them in a store but I just think these are so cute and a simple gift idea!

Buttons...  I love Buttons

  Ok last one for now... I just love the creativity on Etsy...

Love the Turquoise, Burnt Orange and Eggplant
 These are just a few Christmas options for those special ladies in your life! So fun and original!

Happy Shopping!


*all pictures were found on the Etsy website... the link below the pictures will take you exactly to the seller!*

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