This year, I have realized that maintaining friendship is a very important aspect of building and keeping relationships.
It is easy to make new friends, but the real test is if you maintain that friendship.
I am realizing that people come in and out of your life for a reason
There are seasons of friends, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing

I am grateful for all the people I have met in my life and have called friends.
If I see them daily, weekly, monthly, or every 6 months, a year
They have helped mold me into the best possible me
Taught me life lessons
Made memories with me
Been ears to talk to
And given me advice when I didn't want to hear it

I have also realized this year, I have a limit to being a friend
I want to be the best friend that I can be to someone
But I need them to want to do that as well
I realized this year, that I need my friends to want to be my friends
if they don't, that is totally fine but I can't continue to be the only one giving
It might be selfish but I just noticed how much I have let people walk over me
And I want to stand up for myself
I want my friends to treat me how they want to be treated

Friendship is such an important ingredient in who I am
I take pride in trying to be a good friend
Are you treating your friends, how you want to be treated?

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  1. I love you lots and I wish we saw more of each other, but even though it's once a year...you've helped make me a better person!


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