where I yam...

It had kind of been one of those days.
I couldn't figure out where these emotions were coming from,
granted I am a girl and I usually can't figure that one out.

Its hard to verbalize what is going on inside my head.
Its even harder to verbalize what is going inside my heart.

I wish my heart could feel what my head knows.
And most days, for the most part, mostly it does...
I have grown so much, I was thinking to myself, I have grown so much in these 8 months.

Then it hit me... its been 8 months.
Its been one of those days because of what happened 8 months ago, today

I have grown so much
My heart is in a much different place
but, that doesn't mean it doesn't still make me think of where I was, that those feelings don't well up inside of me to think of what was and what is 

Its hard to remember that I am here because I was there
and I know here is the place I need to be
The right place is not always easy
The easy place is not always right
But regardless, I am really happy with my life,
Even when it is hard because I am trying to be in the right place for me.

I yam... who I yam... 

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