I tend to bite off more than I can chew
I have really high expectations for myself in everything I do.

I usually am really into making lists and goals
but the problem with lists and goals is most of the time they aren't accomplished
especially when you have a full year to finish them.

This year my "resolution" is encompassed in one term:
'Continue to become the best version of myself'

I know that this will not happen overnight, in a few months, or even in this year
It is going to be a continual process of making the best, and right decisions for myself
Being the best person I can be in every situation.
Being the friend that I need to be to others.
Sticking to my word
Not always wearing my heart on my sleeve 
Living the best possible life I can for me
Learning from the hard times
Laughing through the good times
Encouraging, Supporting others.
But not being afraid to say I need help.
Being healthier, and more active
Letting go of emotions I no longer need to hold on too
Cultivating hobbies, interests, dreams

This year I am picking myself up
brushing myself off
moving forward (and on) in every experience
to be the best version of myself.

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