When you have as many ideas, thoughts, worries, conversations with yourself as I do, it makes blogging really easy.

I woke up with so many ideas of things I needed to talk about.
As I get a little older, I am realizing that I can not bottle stuff up
It is no good for me. I need to get it out in the open and face it head on.

I was talking to a good friend one day and she gave me a really good piece of advice that I am hanging on to right now. It is helping me make the best decisions for myself. This is not exactly what my friend said, but it is how I interpreted it, and how I have changed it to fit my circumstances...

"Don't rely or bet on someone else's potential for your life. Most of the time they never see the potential you see in them, and the will rarely ever reach their full potential."

I have spent a lot of my life relying on other peoples potential to be who I see them as.
And I am very guilty of only seeing the good in people (which isn't necessarily bad, unless its giving them too much credit)
I can't continue to bet on someone else's potential
I just need to worry about reaching my own full potential and all the pieces will fall where they are supposed too.

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