Love Song

What does your Love Song sound like? 

As you know,
I am a love junkie.
a love lover.
a lovey mcloverson.
eye mull of mush sheen. *Think Mad Gab*
if its about love. i love it. i want it. i have felt it.

during this last season of love
with family, friends, and a failed relationship... 
this journey
some, most, none of you have been on with me
its been unpredictably impatiently hopeful, even optimistic at times..
and painfully dreadfully bleak, hauntingly devastating at times.

I have...
searched my soul
read books
analyzed.every.possible.angle.of. every.situation. 
shopped for advice
went back to search my heart
made excuses
distracted myself
shopped for shoes 
and flung myself knee deep in hard.honesty. cold. truth. 

but one of the things that has gotten me through the thick of it all was
I was listening to a few different playlists I have.
which the songs range from-
never moving on
angry and hurt
found something better
slowly getting there
to found it again

then I realized... love is a really powerful thing.
I mean I knew this before
I love love because of how powerful it is
But all the greats of our time know it too.

Frank Sinatra
Garth Brooks
H.O.V.A. ... Just to name a few *its late, and I don't feel like thinking about more*

So many songs, if not almost all songs, have some tie to love.
I realized, well if there are so many
waiting for the big love songs
break up songs
wanna be in love songs
big pimpin songs
happy love songs
lookin' for a good time songs

Then I am not the only person out there that needs to hear them
or that feels the same way they are feeling.
Sometimes its hard to feel like you aren't the only one going through something
but then you turn on some music, and say "They wrote this song for me"

They did...

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