Confessions of a Single Girl

Confessions of a Single Girl: If you know a great photographer, who is willing to go out and get some practice, take them up on it! Girls just want to have fun! Get dressed up! Curl your hair! Put on fun makeup! Go out and be creative! It is good for the spirit, I promise! 

When you have a very talented sister, who is a photographer,
sometimes you just want to have fun together!

My sister entertained my idea for another little photo shoot,
Last year we took photos for my graduation
This year we took them for fun-
Maybe just for some proof of progression of the last year...

*All of these photo's are copyrighted by Heather Rae Photography!* 

Need your pictures taken? You should contact my sister


  1. These are so fun!!!!!! You are gorgeous Cousin! Love you and miss you!

  2. I was wondering who did these.............LOVE the balloons!! I so agree, every girl needs to experience a photo shoot. I added your sister to my blog roll

  3. omg, where did you get those shoes?! I saw some similar before, but they were sold out! I love them :)

    Also, you are gorgeous!

  4. Amber I got them from DSW! Not too long ago either, I'm assuming you are asking about the Coral pair! The ones in the black dress at from Kohl's and then I had a pair of nude Steve Maddens as well! Ohh and thank you sweets!

  5. Oh thank you Ashley, that is very sweet of you!


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