For some reason, I have been having an issue articulating my thoughts.
It seems as if, when the thoughts start their journey from my brain to my mouth
They get lost, jumbled, confused

Usually, when they journey from my brain to my hands
They come together much easier, articulate and precise.
Writing is my way of communicating

You can't use a delete button on your words,
You can't take back anything that came out of your mouth
Scribbling down my thoughts, feelings, dreams, frustrations, the words I want to say
comes so much easier to me.

I went to an event called the Yelo Experience
It was about finding what your strengths are
What I took away from it was- most of the time, the focus is on our weaknesses
What it is that we need to work on, which isn't a bad thing to work on
But what about the things you are good at?
Why not capitalize on the strengths you already have?
Continually using your strengths will only make you stronger in that area, and thats always a good thing.

My strengths were: (I promise to go over in a little more detail what these mean but its late, and I'm tired, I just needed to get this blog off my mind...)
WOO (Winning others over)

At the event, they asked us to pick one of our strengths to work on, to build on and utilize more...
I chose, Communication...

I know I love to talk, I can write my feelings like none other
But I know I am not always the best at communicating my feelings, thoughts, wants, plans, desires with words, directly from my mouth...

I want to work on this strength. I know it is there, I just need to break down some walls, fears that I have associated with communicating.

slowly but surely...


  1. haha. I can see that :)

    Strategic, Futuristic, Input, Command and Communication.

    oddly I have the same communication problem you do. Weird how that happens


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