49. Sweet Memories

First picture I took with my new camera!
 Make lots of memories.
Sounds easy enough
But so many times, we just go through our days
normal, ordinary, not thinking about making memores
just hoping to remember them at another time

This last year I have tried to make a point of capturing and making memories
A few things I have done to achieve this are:
-Bought a new camera, a fresh start with something fun
-I write down my days (most days) on my calendar
-Blogging, its helped a lot

Trying something new

Let me explain...
Obviously, you know that a camera captures memories
But I try to not only capture memories of nights out on the town, birthdays, or holidays
I bring my camera out, for just a simple dinner with a best friend
Laying around with my niece
The normal ins and outs of the day, because those memories are the ones that we quickly lose.
I don't want to lose any of the time I spend

On my wall calendar, I just write simple notes to myself
Monday: Kickboxing, Power Sculpt, cooked dinner
Tuesday: BodyPump (ouch!), cooked dinner, skyped with so and so
Wednesday: Dinner with mom and Dad
Etc... (mostly boring stuff)
But I can look back at my calendar from last year
and remember things I wouldn't be able if I hadn't wrote that memory down.

The Original Bug and Lily Bug

Blogging, obviously, is another source to look back on
It seems like with memory, you have to have some kind of record to retain it
Whether it be pictures, notes, or a specific event, situation that sticks out in your mind.
Writing down memories, even small ones helps keep them fresh in your mind.

Vegas during Christmas

There are other things you can do
Make themed nights to go out with friends, for no particular reason
Do something you've never done before
Create a new tradition
Staycations are always a good idea

I want to remember as much of my life as I can
I hope that I can create memories that I can always look back on
Sweet, sweet memories...

Now lets go out and make some memories

Suns Game with Jenna

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