210 Days of Summer

The heat has rolled in for the Summer,
though we celebrated the first day of Spring a few weeks ago.

Summer is my favorite season, not necessarily in Arizona
I love the sunshine that rises early in the morning and gives you longer days to play outside.

With summer on my mind, I thought I would share a few of my favorite things about summer...

Cold watermelon
Laying in the sun
Sun kissed skin
Fresh lemonade
Water parks
Summer Movies
Road trips
Iced coffee in the mornings
Sleeping on cold sheets
Pool days with friends, and margaritas
Trips to California to visit friends
Summer Dresses (or summer wardrobe in general)
Shaved Ice

I just love the summertime and all the fun things it brings! Just not the heat!

hmmm... maybe relocating will help with the heat...

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