Thanks for the Memories Summer

Wow! I can not believe summer is over
So much has changed in the last four months
I had my heart broken
I graduated college
I had to figure out my new normal
I moved out of my apartment
My best friend got married
but, I am still here and standing!

One of my summertime goals was to document all my adventures!
So I bought myself a new camera and I got busy!
I thought I would share some of those adventures on here!

First, Graduation:

I graduated from ASU! So excited for the next steps in my career, and seeing what opportunities will come in my life because of my education!

Amanda surprised me for my graduation:

This girl is an amazing, amazing friend. could not ask for more or better.

Spending time with new friends:

These girls have been the best friends a girl could ask for!

Always having a great time!

Steph comes to visit:

BBQ with the girls and stephanie got to be there!


This is when it started to get real crazy!
Vegas Baby: June 25-27

Single Ladies up in the front please!

What an example of true love. and what it takes to have a forever love. one day mine will come! until then, I am praying for you future love :)

San Diego: July 1-6

Mandatory Miguel's trip with my San Diego family!

Mmmmm... Extraordinary Desserts with Sister!

San Jose: July 9-12

Bridal Shower Time!

Jeff's Going away party and Friend Time on my only free weekend: July 16-18th

Megan and I at Jeff's going away party!

See thats Jeff, at his going away party!

Skelly and I!

Ooooooklahoma: July 20-26

Baby cousin and I!

Lots of Love and Sisters! Sis' baby shower in Oklahoma!

New Apartment: August 6

My new Home!

Finally, San Jose for the Wedding: August 11-22

At Frannie's in Los Gatos!

Breakfast with the girls!

Rehearsal Dinner!

Last Night as a Sanchez!

Summer, thank you for all the new memories! I really appreciate it. more than you know!

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