Got it from my Momma

As I start living life a little more independently, I see a lot of my momma in me.
Some of it are really good things that I treasure and I am blessed with,
Some of it are funny tendencies I can't help
and some of it is annoying, but its annoying to both of us that we do it so its ok!

Here are a few things:
My mom is really good at making anyone and everyone feel loved in their own personal way. She has taught me how to do this. I watched her, and I have, continue to be and I am sure will always be shown this from my momma. I remember when I was in the 2nd grade, I collected Beanie babies.. well I collected them for a long time but this one particular time I came home from school and *warning this could be TMI* I always went straight to the bathroom at home because I hated going at school. SO I go to wash my hands and the frog beanie baby I had been wanting was hanging out on my faucet! There was no reason for it, but she did it just because. I love that about her.

We both have an addiction to Tootsie Rolls. Bring them around us and we will just eat them until they are all gone.

She picks out and writes the best cards. She sends cards out to people just because. She has a list that she makes each week to send cards to people. I try to do this, but I want to be as good as she is at it.

She is hands down the best mom around. She is selfless, giving, caring, she listens, worries, laughs with me, cries with me. She feels my happiness, shares in my joys, but she is there during the really bad times. She is my best friend. She is a great example of a wife and a mother. I can not wait to be like her when I am at that place in my life.

I'm not tall like her, but she gave me some of her basketball skills.

I wear my watches and bracelets on my right hand. she is left handed, so I always watched her put hers on the right, so I do too.

We both think A LOT. probably to the point where we make ourselves sick thinking someone is mad at us, or we did something wrong.

She can laugh at herself.

She is beautiful, inside and out. She is very special to me.

I am so blessed with all the things I got from my momma...

even my big booty! ;)


  1. Your mom really is an incredible woman. I have cards saved from her, that I will never throw away.

    What a blessing your momma is.

    Along with that, what a blessing you are! :)

  2. I'm not worthy!! Thanks, Bif!! You are so special and you make me feel like I'm special, too!! Thanks for your kind words and for sharing them with me!! How? Out of all the little girls in the whole wide world, did I, get the most precious one of all?! I heart you!! FAB!!! Momma


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