Kate's Cooks 05

There are some things in life that make you grateful for the real people in your lives! I know that I appreciate real people who are willing to give new people a chance in their lives! "The night life is just not for me, all you really need is a few good friends"- is a line from the Format, but its just a great one, but not necessarily true! I totally believe you can have more than a few good friends, and even more true is the fact that you can have a few good friends from different groups of friends. I am soo glad that I surround myself with good people who are great friends.

For lunch I shared a greek salad and bruschetta from My Big Fat Greek with laurie and then for dinner Joey's mom made us Chicken and Broccoli stir fry! it was sooooo good!

For Breakfast today I had a nectarine and a special K bar! and for lunch it was subway's sub of the day for me!

I am glad I am doing this, even if its only for my own personal help because it is keeping me accountable and blogging! woo hooo!


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