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Hiii! So today is my first day of trying to blog about my "cooking" adventures!
By doing this I am hoping that I will be able to actively keep up with blogging so my writing can improve and I have a comfortable place to go when my words need a place to go. Also, I want to have a more tangible way of being held accountable with achieving a healthier lifestyle and more comfort in my body! I also hope that by blogging about what I am cooking and eating will encourage me to try new recipes, make new recipes and want to cook more often so I can tell you about what I did, also I'm trying to save money so it helps to have a reason to cook and not just go out!

Today I made myself a sammich! It wasn't anything special, but it was still pretty good! One thing that I have done in the past is weight watchers and it really works when I am dedicated to it. One thing that I found is Nature's Own Double Fiber Whole Wheat bread, 2 slices of this stuff is only 1 point! I had low fat cheddar jack cheese with chicken breast sandwich meat and avocados! I also put a little bit of Ken's sun dried tomato dressing! I haven't eaten my cookies yet because my fruit and sandwich filled me up pretty good but hey this is just a start!

Ok so I didn't want to continue making tons of posts and so I decided I will do one a day for all meals or what not!

For dinner I was lazy and "made" pasta... aka I had a Bertolli Pasta Chicken Parmigiana and Penne. Joey didn't really like the chicken but liked everything else, I actually didn't mind the chicken. I had a small bowl of it with one piece of garlic bread and he ate all the rest with two pieces! Then for dessert we had watermelon in our "whip dip" aka a dilly of whip cream fat free and light strawberry yogurt mixed together! I didn't take a picture because joey will laugh at me if I tell him I am blogging about my meals but maybe one day you will get a look at my dinners!


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