Kate's Cooks 02

Technically, its day 3! Hopefully I will get better and doing this right up after dinner but for now the following day will be good!

For breakfast I had a yummy cup of yogart, but really it wasn't that yummy... you know sometimes when you don't eat yogurt fast enough you don't want the last of it? that was my issue, but I finished it! Oo and before I went to class, yeep I said it, Class! I am in summer school... back on track, I had a Special K Vanilla Yogurt bar! Those things are my favorite right now, really sweet for a sweet treat!

Lunch, was a different story! I know I am supposed to budget but a HOT lean cuisine just didn't sound good on a day that started at 95 degrees at 6.29 in the morning! So I stopped by Dillys Deli and got the Mexi Wrap- I was able to use my Sun Dollars from school so I didn't spend any of my money, per say! But it was really yummy and totally hit the spot! Not so sure how healthy it is though!

And then for dinner, I had my friend Tai come over! Tai is a blessing for me this year because she is a new friend, but she is a good new friend! We have some things in common and I am sure as our friendship grows we will find even more things to share together! Not that I am Julia Child or anything, but Tai said she didn't know how to cook and since I am trying to test my skills I asked if she would come over for dinner with Joey, Nick and I!

I made chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and salad! Tai was kind enough to bring over some brownie mix for brownies, which I kinda ruined... hey I didn't say I was a baker!

Dinner turned out good, Joey rated it at an 8, he said it would have been a 10 with rice, but I can't make rice the way his momma does!

The recipe for the chicken was pretty easy all I did was got 5 chicken breast and pierced them so the marinade could soak into the meat. I covered them in a little garlic salt (I love anything garlic) and cracked pepper, and put them in a plastic bag! I had a Lemon Herb marinade left over so I poured that on the chicken and also sliced up 3 garlic cloves and put them in the marinade as well. I let it set for 45 minutes while I heated the oven to 400 degrees.

When the chicken was done I put it in my little pyrex dish (I need bigger ones, my sister got me a gift card to buy them for my birthday last year but I ended up getting dishes instead! Oopps) and covered it with italian bread crumbs, just a little not a lot! I let the chicken bake for about 30 minutes or until it looked cooked all the way through.

The salad was the Grand Parisian mix from Costco, its a fave of mine! Feta, candied almonds, and cranberries with a white balsamic, it all comes together! The corn was from a can and the mashed taters Tai Mashed! The only thing I did a little different to the potatoes was when they were boiling in the water I put a few garlic cloves in with it so when we mashed the potatoes the garlic got mashed right into them! My mom, sister emily and I discovered that a few weekends back and it made the potatoes soooo good!

Well that is my story and I am sticking to it!

PS... when making browines make sure you grease the pan!!! =/

I promise I will make you proud momma! haha

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