Kate's Cooks 04

So yesterday was my best friends birthday and so we spent the whole day making her feel like the special little lady that she is! But, I didn't do sooo great on meals!

For breakfast I ate a nectarine and after pedicures at my favorite little place, Pink Polish, we went to eat at Spicy Pickle, our favorite panini shop right by our apartment! Soooo good! Then we went to the Mission Palms Hotel for the day to Lay out and then out to eat!

We had some drinks by the pool and then chips for a snack and for dinner, Caffe Boa... Gosh, to think about it, I basically had the BEST DAY EVER yesterday! Almost all my favorite places, with my favorite girls!

But overall, it was a great time! No pictures of the food but I might put some pictures up later for fun!


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