I am a recovering love-aholic

So I have a secret.
Haven't I been telling a lot of those lately?
Well this might be more of a dream than a secret
Something I have always thought about but never really considered
but, I wanna write a book.

Its not necessarily on my bucket list
My ethos on any one subject is based  more off of experience and passion than actual professional knowledge and authority
But I would love to write a book about my experience with love, dating, relationships and life
In a way that could help others going through a similar season of life

I know, I know, how many books are already out there about this stuff
I have read them... He's just not that into you, Its called a break up because its broken, Why Men Love Bitches, Marry Him: The case of settling for Mr. Good Enough... shall I go on...
but the truth is, we are all searching for something
There are a lot of questions, but even more answers
Everyones story is different. Which means, everyones advice speaks differently
And that is precisely one reason I think books can and will continue to be written about this topic.

I know what you're thinking if you are still reading...
What makes your experiences and answers valid and truthful?
And I am not sure, but I hope to confidently answer those questions by the end
Oh by the way, I am co-authoring this with a friend from elementary school.
A His&Hers guide if you will... so I guess that would be at least a start on an angle!

With that being said, I was thinking about how I would introduce myself to the world, through this book
How could I establish myself as someone relatable, but trustworthy and knowledgeable.
I mean people could actually take my advice from my life experiences to better their experiences.
People would have access to my wisdom opinions on love, dating, relationships and life and use it to influence their decisions
But I my intro would go a little something like this...

I am a recovering love-aholic.  I had a knack of falling for the idea of someone more than the actual someone, an incessant need to fix, I continue to battle heart strings of letting go and have a no-good- rotten habit of putting the great guys in my life straight in the friends zone. I've been there, right where you are! Wondering if love with ever find me? Dreaming about what your love story will look like. Obsessing over what I did or said wrong.  Patiently waiting, all while impatiently wondering why the hell Mr. Right is taking so long to show up? Doesn't he know I am here, waiting? I didn't get it perfect. I made relationship mistakes. I stuck around when I should have been running for the hills, but each of those moments are a part of my love story. I hope to take my experiences and be better from them, and I hope you can do the same.
I am a love optimist twenty-something single with a desire to share my imperfect journey of my perfect love story.

well... thats a start.

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