Flowers on a Tuesday: Special Edition

This is about a week late, sorry Momma.*
In honor of my fabulous Mommasita though she has taught me many, many things
Here are the top ten lessons I have learned from her.

1. Remember who you are.
- Mom always says this to me when I leave the house. For a dance in high school, to hang out with friends at a football game, to now when I am an adult and going to dinner with a friend or out with the girls. She always says 'Love you. Remember who you are.' and I do, I try to remember that I am representing not only myself but my family as well when I am out.
2. Make everyone feel special when you can
- My mom is probably one of the best people in the world at making people feel special. She remembers the little things. She surprises you when you least expect it. When I was little I collected beanie babies, I just loved them. And I would come home from a normal day at school and there would be Mr. Frog on the bathroom faucet. Or Mr. Snowman sitting on my bed. Even when I grew out of my beanie baby stage, mom always has some small thing to surprise us with. And it always speaks to each person specifically.
3. Its the little things that count
- Like the one before, specialness doesn't have to be big extravagent things. Small cards with a little moola, a hug one a rough day, going out to lunch for no reason. These are all little things that truly matter.
4. Family First- you always have time for you family
-Momma has taught me the importance of family. They are with you for life, and will always be there for you NO MATTER WHAT. You can always make time for your family, you might want to be doing something else, but it is always a good time when family is together!
5. Put love in everything you do
- From dinner on a monday night, to helping me pack up my apartment my mom puts love in everything she does. She is the most genuine givers of love you will ever meet. You don't have to do anything for it in return, she gives it freely and graciously. There is nothing my mom doesn't do without a little bit of love involved.
6. Patience
-I went through (and sometimes revert back to) a phase in my life where I was m.o.o.d.y! Moooood swings!But my mom not only was patience with me during that/those times but she loves me through them. I don't know if she ever has a bad day but she never shows it. I wish I could be more like her in this way. She is always patient with everyone and everything. I am only patient with tootsie pops.
7. Coupons, Coupons, Coupons
- Anytime I get a good deal at a store, I have to call or text my mom to tell her. She is a bargain shopper. Never pays for shipping online, always finds a coupon for what she is going to buy. I think its a great quality, I mean she isn't an extreme couponer, but she does some damage with her shopping and saving. I always feel like she will be proud of me when I get a deal!  
8. You're good enough, You're smart enough and doggonit people love you
- Any major event in my life, or college exam momma would tell me this. It is one of our many family mantra's. She is always encouraging, supporting and lifting people up. I hope I can be this kind of person in other people's lives, and especially when I become a momma.
9. You are stronger than you know.
-My mom has been through a lot in her life. But she continues to amaze me with how strong she is. She can hold it together when everyone else is falling a part. She always says my dad is the type that goes running in when everyone else is running out, but I feel like she is running in just in a different way. She is always wanting to help people. And she has taught me, I can get through it. There is a bigger picture, and this is just a small piece of it.
10. Neediness isn't a bad thing
-Overall, my family is needy. We love to communicate, be with each other and I am learning it's not a bad thing. I used to joke around that when I was leaving my parents house I would have to say it 30 minutes before I actually needed to leave because mom would always find some way to talk to me about something else and keep me there longer than I should be. But I love those moments, I love this about my family. 

one for good luck, nicknames are a good thing.
-Mom can come up with a nickname for anything and everything. I have found that I do the same thing and I love it. Everyone deserves to have a good nickname, if you don't have one Momma will getcha one!

My mom has taught me so much in life. She is my best friend, and is always there for me. She takes care of me when I am sick, she loves me even when she doesn't love what I am doing, she invests in people who are important in my life. She has taught me how to love, live and laugh. I am forever grateful and blessed to have been her daughter. I pray I can be half the mom she was to me.


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  1. Oh gosh, said while wiping away tears! Thanks, Bif! I'm NOT worthy!!! You are amazing and I am the one who has been blessed to have a daughter and friend like my, Bug, Bitty One, Katie Did, Toot Toot, Itty Bitty Pritty One like YOU!!! Love you big and already miss you more than I can say!!! Arrgh!! Why is CHANGE sooooo difficult for me!? Proud of you!! Momma


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