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This list is something I made awhile ago. I love lists. I make lists to make lists. These are all different kinds of things. Some of them I might not cross off, but I want to try to always be a better version of myself. I want to continually learn from others. I want to try new things. And sometimes you need some encouragement along the way. 
  • Find blogs, magazines, books that inspire my creativity- write about it, journal, make me time 
  • DIY: make distressed picture frames for a wall piece behind my bed (I have all the frames and paint, just waiting for a free weekend to start my adventure!)
  • go antique & vintage scavenging 
  • travel to a new city : Baker City, OR 
  • DIY: go take pictures of objects around a city, make a collage of pictures that spell out a word
  • apply to at least 20 jobs a month until I move to San Diego 
  • read books, magazines, blogs on topics that interest me :
    • Love, Marketing, God, Friendship, Fashion, Food, Makeup, Writing, Living Life, Traveling, Dreams, Blogging 
  • Look into what a "Life Coach" is 
  • Never Settle. Believe in yourself 
  • Encourage others 
  • Email at least one blogger who inspires me and be their friend 
  • Find a mentor  (I was lucky to find a mentor on the internet through a blog I read!)
  • "Be a Friend to have a Friend"
  • Volunteer 
  • send out cards- weekly to friends 
  • Discover and explore things I am passionate about 
    • Breast cancer research, loving others... 
  • spend more time with kids (to be more patient and creative) 
  • Continue to be creative. Use my imagination. 
  • Be Spontaneous
  • Try something new 
  • Do not plane for two weeks 
  • Take a staycation for a weekend - Talking Stick Resort with the Girls for Jenna's grad school celebration 
  • Start a new blog- find a focus for something that will help people 
  • Don't be my worst enemy or critic 
  • Believe in yourself! 
  • Love myself. and others. 
  • Visit Seattle 
  • Write More <3
  • Find a mantra 
    • "Find your purpose and fling your life out to it. Find a way or make one. Try with all your might. Self-made or never made." Oliver Swett Marden : I'm loving this one right now.
  • Make a paiting for my apartment 
  • Color outside the box- Don't limit myself with boundaries
  • Do a DIY project for less than $10
  • Make myself at least one throw pillow 
  • Learn how to sew 
  • Learn graphic design basics 
  • Try not to follow a routine 
  • Decorate with simple things 
  • Have an old movie marathon:
    • Casa Blanca 
    • Gone with the wind 
    • Breakfast at Tiffanys, etc... 
  • Find a friend to help do things on the list 
  • Help a friend create their own list (Nicole, I know you love lists!)
  • Go thrifting more often 
  • Create a new tradition 
  • Practice Yoga 
  • Discover a way to be less stressed 
  • Send a friend a card with my favorite memory of "us" in it 
  • Make my own cards 
  • Do a grocery trip and save more than I spend (raspberries and blackberries were on sale, saved 15.04, spend 8.31!)
  • Create something which makes people feel good 
  • Be open minded 
  • Be happy to help 
  • Get a lot of sleep 
  • Do career interviews 
    • Marketer
    • Life Coach 
    • Enterprenauer 
  • Buy "Love & Sequins"- How to be a love letter to the world 
  • Stop Talking. Start Doing. 
  • Host a party, make it really pretty and yummy 
  • Be an observer 
  • Slow. Down. 
  • Breathe. Be Patient 
  • Make a difference. be ok when it doesn't happen right away 
  • Dream Big. No idea is too small 
  • Don't set unachievable goals with unrealistic deadlines- All in Good Time 
  • Move to San Diego: ETA October 
  • No Limits
  • Find a friend to be creative with (Carley Maier, Priscilla Sanchez, Amanda McMillan... I'm talking to you!) 
  • Forge my own path
  • "Know who you are, to be who you are."
  • "If Nothing changes, nothing changes."
Well, I guess its time for me to get to work!


  1. I wish you lived right next store...and we could be creative together all day long!!!!! I loved reading this, very inspiring...I think I will copy you and make one too!!

  2. This is a wonderful list! I bet you will accomplish everything on it :)

    Have a great day!

  3. I DO love lists! And I'm loving this one. I wish I was more creative as a lot of yours are DIY. And of course I will make my own :)

  4. I love lists, they really put things in perspective. I hope you accomplish them all!!!!


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