"The secret of Happiness is freedom,and the secret of freedom, courage"- Thucydides

Happiness. its a choice.
Why is it so hard to choose sometimes?

It means waking up every morning
with a grateful heart, choosing to have a happy attitude
There are so many little things that can chip away at that choice

I am the first to admit, I do not always make the right choice
When it comes to my attitude, tone, willingness
I don't like not having a routine, or not following procedure
I like things the right way- usually my way

But I want to choose to have a better attitude
I want to choose to be helpful not stubborn
I want to choose to be flexible not stuck
I want to always choose happiness even when I really want to shove happiness where it don't shine somedays

I am just itching for something different
Life seems to just be in repeat
Day after Day being the same

There is a lesson in this season of life, I know it
But right now
I will have to make the choice to be happy not content

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  1. This is really powerful, and I know exactly how you feel! I've been at a job for three years that I'm not happy with, and so recently I realized, "Hey, it's dumb to not be happy, especially when you have to do it for 40 hours every week". So I'm planning a shift to something I love- scary but exciting! Good luck with your happiness journey!


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