Book Report

I am trying to read more books, specifically spiritual books but fictional, leisurely reads will sneak in there every once in a while.

You know how a smell, song, outfit (yes, outfit) can strike a memory that takes you right back to a time in your life
Good or bad, we all have triggers like this...
Almost like you get carried back in time for just the first few seconds as the current surroundings morphe your senses to the past.
You feel like you are right there, it looks just how it had when you were actually living the memory
As the memory consumes your thoughts, the emotions surge, you take yourself right back to where you were...
Then as soon as the smell has passed, the song is over, you change your mind on what to wear
its all gone. every ounce of emotion. the vivid colors. the nostalgia. all. gone.

I have been blessed with a life full of happiness and abundance
but like most people, I have been through trials
I have felt like asking, "God, what the hell are you doing?"
Why me?
Why my momma?
Why a best friends dad?

The book, Second Guessing God, was that kind of trigger for me
I welcomed it, I am not going through a devastating trial, right now
But I could relate, I could take myself back to a time when I was desparate to hear God's voice

Three things I took away from this book were:

1. God is working upstream in our lives. We can't see what is happening, but God has a reason, he has a purpose and thought we can't see it, he is working upstream in our lives for what is best for us. He wants only good things for us. We just have to trust that God's purpose will become apparent to us when we can't see the out of our storm.

2. Don't waste your pain. This one really struck me, because I have felt a desire to volunteer with cancer patients or families because of the experience I had. My family and I went through that experience, not to put it away in the "do not think about" category. We went through it so we could help others who are going through it. So we could tell people, "I understand, I was scared too". If you have learned from one of your trials, don't waste your pain. Do something with it to bless someone else.

3. God is in control. And contrary to what we feel at times of sorrow, and pain, He really does know what He is doing. Its ok to be honest with him when we think his way or his plan is stupid, painful, wrong. (I mean he knows what we are thinking anyways, so why sugar coat it!) We can turn our backs on him and run the other way. But ultimately, God loves us. He wants only good things for us. Sometimes, we just have to go through some shit to understand.

Whether you are in the thick of a life storm, watching it rolling in, or seeing the rainbow
 This book gives you hope in God's plan, answers to prayers you thought were never heard, and comfort that you truly are not alone.

John 13:7- Jesus replied, "You do not realize now what I am doing, but soon you will understand."


  1. tear. Thanks for sharing lovebug! Good post all around!

    Totally random, but I am reading The Happiness Project... read it when you have some free time!



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