Timing is everything...

One thing that I am learning is
Life is ALL about Timing

There is a reason that the moments in our lives happen when they do. 

It took me some time to figure this one out
I am a control freak, I want to know who, what, when and where life is going.

Most of the time, I don't want to wait for timing... but its not up to me.
Life happens when it is supposed to happen
Every small moment in our lives, even if it doesn't seem significant, shapes who and what we become.

Sometimes, timing is not always right.
But one thing I am learning, timing is never wrong.

It is what it is.

But, 90% of life is about timing
so instead of wishing away my time, I am just going to embrace it, and make the best of it that I can.

I am living life for the first time in a long time
to its fullest...
I want to always live life to the fullest.

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