Let the Countdown begin...

Since I can remember, life has always been a countdown
It was a countdown to Christmas break, Spring Break, Summertime
Countdowns to birthdays, vacations, concerts or sleepovers

People count months, years, decades of anniversaries
We count down time til we see our friends who live far away, family who live in other states.
It is always a countdown to something in the future
Once we know how to look forward towards something
That's all we seem to do

Having a new baby in the family has given me a whole new perspective
Whether it be on life, love, family
Its an eye and heart opening experience
To re-evaluate what I am living my life for...

Since my niece arrived, I don't want to countdown...
I don't want her to grow up too fast
She has already changed so much, life is happening too quickly with her here
I want to enjoy everyday that she is here, I don't want to miss a thing from counting down my life...

As I wrote earlier, life is all about timing
Life for me could be a countdown...
I could countdown til May (One year since graduation/a year of being single)
Countdown the holidays, trips, Birthdays

But I am not going to count my life down
I am going to live my life to the fullest
Welcome each day and only look forward to the events of those days

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