Man has their own best friend... I have mine

I have found my akiles heel... no pun intended.

I have a weakness for shoes.

I love, love, love shoes! If I had a real professional job, I would have the best shoes to wear to work. I buy heels all the time, yet rarely wear them. So I am starting to expand into flats and nice sandals. I think shoes make or break an outfit, and I think I have been breaking a lot of outfits so I have to make up for that!

Today, I got a magic box at work... this box did not look very exciting from the outside, but I knew the real treasure's it had inside. It showed true restraint for me to go through lunch, getting new tires, and working on my school project without unveiling the preciousness inside.

Inside this plain looking box were jewels, and those jewels were each in their own little white boxes...

I am ready to show my newest addition to my ever growing collection!

These I am not so sure about... they are cute but kind of fit funny!

These ones, the angels sang from Heaven when they put them on the first time... I took it as a good sign.

And lastly, I told you I had a weakness... are a staple I have needed in my wardrobe for a long time!

Overall, I could not be more pleased with my new best friends... I mean, man has his best friend... why can't I?!

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  1. Loooove the Ecote Macrame's from UO! Sooo jealous. Enjoy!


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