ask and you shall recieve...

Have you ever asked God for a sign? Straight up just said, "Hey You? Yea YOU, I really need a sign here. I need to know if this is what I am supposed to do, be, say anything. I just need a little help here, I promise I will eat all my veggies, do good stuff to others and not even ask for anything back, I will be really really nice and smile really big at dogs, and split my favorite cookies with you, if you just. give. me. a. sign!

But, its not just about any sign... its about THE sign I want...

I asked God for a sign... I asked him to give me something that tells me what the heck to do next. And this sign could not have been MORE clear to me when I got it. Truly, I knew right when this sign was there in front of me, it had been the one I had asked for! There was just one itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, skiddermerkeenie dinky problem with this GIGANTIC sign...

its not the way I want to go. Key phrase: Not what I WANT.

Now, I'm not sure what to do with this thing I had asked for!
A. stop asking for signs when you already know the answer because the damn sign is just going to confirm your thoughts
B. Be a big girl and just follow the sign
C. Just don't think about it and it will go away.... not what I would recommend to others, but who really takes their own advice these days?!
D. Just wait for a new sign?
E. Pray about it and hope the Big Guy changes his mind
F. All of the above with a side of tequila??

Im going with tequila... *in a very moderate, responsible manner of course!

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