Lucky Number 7

Well, I try to be better at this, but I fail. Not that many of you are waiting anxiously to hear from me, but still. I should be more committed to this than I am. But its ok, life happens. Can't get down about intentions, sometimes they just don't work out!

But today I am here to talk about number 7! Today is the 7th so it seemed fitting! I don't believe in superstitions or anything like that. But the number 7 has been around lately and I think its funny!

The first 7, would be 17! That is how many pounds I have lost since joining weight watchers, which I have been doing for almost 77 days (technically, 75 today)! ;) It might not seem like a lot, but its huge! I feel so much better, and happier! I can move easier (not that I really had a problem moving but, you know what I mean).

In the last 7 weeks, I have lost 7 inches collectively! 2 in my hips, 2 in my thighs, 2 in my waist and 1 in my arms! =D Sometimes its really hard to keep going because you aren't seeing the results. I see my results. None of my clothes fit me right, jeans that were always tight, are now always baggy! Shirts that were once too tight because I bought them for "when I lost weight", are now too big! Its going to be somewhat expensive getting my new wardrobe but it will be one thing at a time, definitely no complaints!

That is how the number 7 has been following me around lately, but its ok!

One thing I do want to get out there, just because its kind of nice to be completely honest and open: I still struggle! I find myself, being just plain lazy during the weekends. If I didn't have someone else to weigh in to on thursdays it could be bad. I need to find my will power and control. Its just sometimes its hard! Last weekend was Joey's birthday so there was the celebration with his family, his friends, my family and just us. Then there was the day of four wheeling with joey, my brother in law and co-worker that ended with pizza with the family. Its just like, once the cycle starts its going. I need to find my happy medium, I hope I can do it. And until I can, I will go to a meeting every weeks so I can stay within my goal! I am only 3 weeks away from being a Lifetime member, and hopefully I will blog before that time!


Merry Christmas! I just love this time of year, I want to start enjoying it more!

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