Last Day of the Year

Sometimes when I start to get comfortable and think that I am always in control of my life, God does something to show me that he really is in control! Sometimes these moments are tragic; sometimes these moments are glorious; sometimes these moments are small; but sometimes these moments are grand.

Today I had one of those moments, thought I would call this one a small moment in my life, it could prove to be grand later on in my life. But lately, as you may know, if you've been reading, I blog a lot about my journey with Weight Watchers... Well today, the LAST day of the year- I AM A LIFETIME MEMBER!!!!! I had reached my goal weight 6 weeks ago, and I have maintained and gone below my goal weight in the 6 weeks to reach lifetime- ON THE LAST DAY OF 2009!

You know those weeks where I gained, or the weeks that I didn't lose as much as I wanted too, or the weeks I didn't work out as hard as I should have... it all happened the way it did, so I would become a lifetime member on the last day of the year! So I am going into the New Decade, prepared, encouraged and supported!

Its a great day for me. These last 14 weeks have been great weeks for me, school is great and I have made myself a priority, it feels good!

I wish you all a Happy Happy New Year! And I pray that you are all blessed and encouraged for the new year. I love you all! xoxo

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