New Year Goal

So yesterday I was thinking about New Year Resolutions, most people want to try to lose weight, or save money or different things like that. I have already started the weight lose journey but I want to challenge myself this year. So I was thinking about having an ultimate goal so I had something to go for. This is my idea: That I will run a half marathon or a marathon at the end of next year, but to get myself prepared I will have a goal of running a # of mile directly related to the # month of the year. So in April I will run 4 miles straight, because its the 4th month. That means by next December I should be able to run 12 miles "straight" and I think the pf changs half marathon is 13 miles... I dont know, I hope this is something I could do, It seems like it would be a good goal and practice because it is gradual. I really hope I can keep up with it! But that is my first idea for this year, have you thought of any new years goals for yourself??

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