New Year... New Decade...

This year I have decided to work on a few things... I made a Top Ten for 2010 list for this year. I like goals. I love organization. I love being planned out, I even asked Joey if I could plan to be more spontaneous... he told me no, but I think I can! I want to share my goals with you so I can have some accountability. I want to share my goals because I want to make them more permanent. I want to share my goals because maybe it will help someone else make their own. So drum roll please... here we go:

Kate's Top Ten of 2010:
Long Term Goals:
1. Sign up for the P.F. Chang's Half Marathon for 2011- I will train by running the # of miles for the month # of the year.
2. Go to 52 WW meetings and NEVER be over my goal weight
3. Be a more positive/happier person by taking control of my attitude and not letting other people bring me down
4. Be less Stressed- Find an outlet for my stress: through running, yoga, reading, puzzles, etc...
5. Make myself a priority- Reward/treat myself with:pedicure, clothes, shoes, trips, etc- once a month
6. Make family more of a priority- Call my brother at least once a week, hang out with my Mom and Dad more, visit my sister and her husband at their home
7. Don't let my bank account go below a certain amount
8. Save up $3000 by spending more wisely (This will be really hard for multiple reasons but its the effort that counts, right?)
9. Pay off my Best Buy Credit Card (the only credit card I have)
10. Go to a City I have never been too... Washington D.C., Chicago, Nashville, Boston, Seattle....

Graduate College (May 13th, 2010)

I also have broken the year down into Six 8-10 week chunks to do short term goals!
I told you I like to be planned out! But what I decided is that I will have short term goals to work on during the year along with my other goals, I was going to make all the goals already but decided it would be best for me to wait until the time and pick a goal that is more prevalent for that time!

Short Term Goals:
1. Jan 1st, 2010- March 4th, 2010- I am going to try to work out 3x a week for at least an hour
2. March 5th, 2010-April 30th, 2010- TBD
3. May 1st,2010- July 3rd,2010- TBD
4. July 4th, 2010- September 10th, 2010- TBD
5. September 11th, 2010- November 5th, 2010-TBD
6. November 6th, 2010- December 31st, 2010-TBD

My Motto for this year is: If Nothing Changes... Nothing Changes.

Hope you have a great New Year!

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