So awhile ago my dear sweet friend Karalyn asked me, "What I missed about being on my 'diet'"? I thought about it at first, there really was nothing because I do not think of Weight Watchers as a diet. I think of it as something that allows me to be healthier but I do not feel trapped in. I get to choose what I eat, I get to keep track of the good, and bad things I put in my body, I am just more aware of what I am putting in, and doing with my body! I feel that Weight Watchers is based on awareness. If you are not aware, you gain weight. That is what I did! I ate what I wanted and a lot of it, lots of times a day and wasn't aware of the negative affect it was having on my body, both with weight gain, less energy, uncomfortableness. But now, I am aware! I can have a cookie (or two) one day, but not everyday. I can still have my starbucks, but one day a week, not everyday. I can still eat my favorite mexican food, but not everyday! And I am ok with that... ok sorry about the tangent back to the original question. It was a very good question, because when people diet, they miss things. It took me sometime and I realized it. I realized that I do miss something... I miss not feeling guilty for wanting something, usually In n Out. But I think that is me just wishing to not be aware of what I am doing, and I dont want that! I think since I am in the thick of it all, and very determined to get healthy and be comfortable that feeling of guilt is much stronger than it will be later. Because, I know I can have anything I want, but I wont be I am determined to get my confidence back, and to feel good about myself. And those feelings are way better than those In N Out french fries! So moral of the story: this is not a diet. this is a lifestyle change. i am more aware than i have ever been, and i am glad, not guilty.

ps. this is the thing I have been wanting to blog about but totally forgot from the last post! =D

pss. so I listen to the local radio station, 104.7 John Jay and Rich in the morning, and they have this Healthe Trim diet that they promote. These things drive me crazy, because I think- yea its great that you are 51 years old and lost 26 pounds in 5 weeks (even though that is a little extreme) but you had to take 5 "natural" pills to do it! what happens when you stop taking the pills buddy??? I am not going to lie, I looked into Healthe Trim, the bottles have 100 pills and are 60$, if that guy is taking 5 in the morning, and 3 at night he is paying for a bottle almost every 9 days! that is just absurd. What ever happened to good ole fashion work. I work out everyday (almost everyday) and I eat healthy, and learning to live this lifestyle at 23 won't ever let me get to your point mister 51. But when those pills stop working, and you continue to eat the way you always have, because you didn't learn to change your lifestyle, just took a pill that filled you up- you are gonna be screwed, once again. it just erks me that people always bag on "having to count points" when they are taking about their food plan system, protein shakes, or "all natural energy" pills... what happens when you take those away from people? when they have to go out into the real world without their pre-portioned meals, and protein shakes... they fail... granted, I am using generalization, maybe for some people they can live the rest of their lives that way, or they just needed a jump start to get the weight off and they will keep it off, but it just seems that in the end those people will lose. I truly believe Weight Watchers is one of the only sure things because its a new lifestyle... but thats just my opinion, and good thing this is my blog so I can say it!

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