Best Friends For Life- Biffle!

So just a little update on the WW stuff, yesterday was weigh in. Surprisingly I was down 3 more lbs to get to over 10% of my body weight lost! =D I might not do it as fast as they do on the Biggest Loser, but I feel like a big loser reaching that goal! It makes it a total of 14.8 lbs! I think I am going to make my goal weight where I am so I can start maintenance and then become a lifetime member! =D

Today, I want to talk about how I am thankful for my mom. My mom IS my best friend. She loves me exactly how I am. She is encouraging, loving, genuine, interested, gives me the right amount of space with the right amount of discipline. She always knows what the say and when to say it. She is just, amazing. We have so many fun memories together. One thing that I will never forget is growing up when beanie babies were really awesome, one day I came home from school and I had the frog one hanging out on my faucet in my bathroom. It was one of the best surprises! She always does that, she knows people, and she knows how people feel loved and so that is what she does for them. My 18th birthday, senior year of high school, she went into my dance class and decorated everything in Finding Nemo and make my favorite rice crispie treats with sprinkles! My last birthday, 23rd, I had take on a princess persona. I dont know why, it just happened, honest... Well when I went over there for my birthday dinner, she had pink princess stuff everywhere! It was so much fun, to feel like a princess and little kid again, and it was so much fun to have her do that for me! I am thankful for the friendship my momma and I have. We had been through a rough road almost two years ago (can't believe its been that long...)but that road made our bond so strong, I have been forever blessed by that. I am thankful for being able to call my mom, biffle- because we are Best Friends For Life. I am thankful for everything about you momma.


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