Muddy Buddies

i dont really know how to say what is in my heart right now. i dont want to falsify a relationship that wasn't there but my heart is torn for someone i would consider more than an acquaintance but not quite a constant friend. this person was not an everyday staple in my life but a lot of my memories with a lot of my friends, he is there. it makes me sad for him and all his close friends that it has ended the way it has. if i could take their hurt, anger, wonder away i wish i could. its so odd to me how small this world is. i was connected to this person through two different set of friends and even though he was not a close friend, i feel the saddness too. relationships are such a catch22... they can make you so very happy, yet they can hurt so bad when they are over, expectedly or not. again i dont know how to explain exactly what my heart is dealing with right now, i just know it is sad for those ones in my life.

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