Guilty Pleasures

So today I was thinking about a few of my guilty pleasures. All these things give me unnecessary joy when I think about them, endulge in them, are around them, or anything! So here is my list:

10. Long hot showers... and when I say long, I mean loooooooong! Its one of the only places I can really relax and be alone!

9. Starbucks... This makes me especially happy when I can get peppermint white chocolate mochas, even though they are not especially nice to my hips! =]

8. As You Wish pottery store! This is my ABSOLUTE favorite place to be! I am not that artistic but it is just fun to see something you made come to life! And its a fun place to take the boyfriend!

7. Ok, the boyfriend is a guilty pleasure of mine! He is just totally awesome and makes me laugh a lot! We can talk about everything which is neat, and I love how our conversations go anywhere and everywhere! One minute its politics the next its trying to teach each other our special noises we can make!!

6. This one is fitting for the holiday season but I love love love to give gifts to people! I especially like when its something they aren't expecting! That is the best feeling!

5. Hanging out with my brother! That is still one of those kid sister things. I just think he is totally awesome and want to spend as much time with him as I can!

4. A spoon of peanut butter dipped in m&ms! That has got to be one of my favorite sweet things to have!

3. Wearing sweaters that are way to big for me! I love to just cuddle up in them!

2. Shopping at Target. That place is just the greatest! I can go just walk around the store for hours and NEVER get bored or want to go home! Its definitely a money trap but I love it sooo much!

And last but not least, my biggest guilty pleasure is....

1. FLAMIN' HOT CHEETOS! Soooooo good!!!
I have to say, I hate to admit that I like these things so much but they are just too good!!!

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