New Beginning

The good thing about a new month, is it give you a breathe of fresh air
It makes me feel like, ok I can start over and make some changes because its a new month
Its a new start...

Well, this month I am going to start really taking care of myself again.
I have been enjoying dinners, a lot of dinners, nights out, a lot of nights out with friends.
Doing what I wanted with my time.
Not answer to anyone or having to check in with anyone.

But it has taken a toll on my weight loss efforts.
Its funny where my "feel good" about myself level is now...

I am technically still below my Weight Watchers goal weight.
But I am not feeling good about myself.
My clothes don't fit the same way.
My energy levels are not where they used to be.
I just am feeling very Blah about myself!

But its a new month, and technically every day is a new day to make the right decisions.
Its all about moderation. and I know how to get back to where I want to be
Just mad that I let myself get to a place that I don't like before I stopped and just got back on track.

I guess I needed to put it out there for a little support, encouragement, motivation and accountability.
I am really going to try to enjoy life, while being healthy and active.
I am trying to be the best version of myself, in all areas of my life...

So this is my first step to another new beginning!

Encouragement welcomed!


  1. Go Kate! Know that you are not alone in this boat, I and many others are too! I'm fortunate that just getting around here is a cardio workout, but I need the yoga and pilates too. We just have to make it happen love! You can do it and you have endless support from this lady :) xoxo

  2. your honesty and openness are refreshing. you have amazing discipline in seeking out the best version of your self, which is highly admirable.

    dont forget how beautiful you are.

  3. I as well need to get back on track. The craziness is almost over. Once the end of Feb comes it will be my time again so I can work on myself. That was why I didn't join WW till the end of Feb cause I know how hard Nov. - Feb. is for me lol. I just hope 2011/2012 I will be stronger! I still have a goal weight of 35 - 40 more lbs and I hope we all do it together!
    You can do it! I can do it! We just need to do it (err at the end of the month lol). And I miss seeing you. Time for both of us to get back into meeting regularly.
    You CAN and WILL do it!


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