Are you really better if you are replacing one bad habit with a new one? Have you really made any change if you just take one thing you did and supplement it with something new?

In my latest journey with weight lose I have realized I have done a lot of replacement. Some of it good, instead of eating junk food I tend to eat fruits and veggies. Some of it not so good, instead of eating when I am bored, I have turned to shopping when I am bored. And man, I have been really bored lately! I mean, I know most people like to buy new things here and there... but lately I have had URGES to go shopping! I get home from work and I am like a magnet to the mall. Its really a new bad habit I need to replace with something else. But, at least I'm not eating when I am bored! Another replacement that is BAD is, I have stopped going to starbucks but I have started to drink Diet Soda. I have never been huge on soda but lately I have been drinking Diet Dr Pepper like I own stock in the place! I need to get that under control asap!

But, I also want to say, I am thankful and blessed I can go shopping when I want too, and I have the financial means to buy things for myself. I am praying for the people in Haiti. The people who call Haiti their home, the people who have been called there for search and rescue, the people who are going there to help in the relief efforts. God has a plan, it might not be seen by us all right now, but God has a plan. I believe its already working, Haiti has needed recognition for a long time, I wish it could have been under different circumstances, but it is getting the recognition and hopefully it can be rebuilt. until then, I will pray and do what I can from here. I have hope for Haiti.


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