Good Morning World!

I woke up this morning, still on the wrong side of the bed, but I am going to try to change that! Last night I was in bed, procrastinating and there was the loudest pop ever! I text my roommate, (too scared to go out to the kitchen because I had no idea what had happened) and asked if she was in the kitchen. She said no but that her bf went out there and couldnt see anything. we blamed it on our neighbor upstairs, most noise comes from him anyways, but it just didnt seem possible to me. well about 30 minutes later I decide to go out and check it out myself and everything looked normal until I opened up the refrigerator! a diet coke that was in the top very back of the fridge EXPLODED everywhere! it had frozen and just too much pressure! there was DIET COKE SLUSH EVERYWHERE!!!! it was almost 11 oclock which is way too late for me anyways but I couldnt not clean it because it would have been impossible to clean up after it had dried. I had to take EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING out of the fridge to clean up the mess. sooo, lessons learned: Don't have your fridge too cold, Don't put soda in the far back, and if youre in a bad mood staying up late to clean up a mess doesn't help in the morning!

but on a good note, I just had a really yummy breakfast for only 3 points!! Half a whole wheat sandwich thin with half a laughing cow cheese. I sliced up half a roma tomato and friend 1 egg with 1 egg white! Yuuuuummmmmm!

off to school! <3

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