love love love

I don't know what i am supposed to be doing. but i know its something great! I know i have the potential to change my part of this world and i know it has to do with love. i want to show people what real love is, i want to love people that others don't want too. im not a person that has a ton of accomplishments under my belt, but i also don't think i am too young to start! i want to be someone that makes other people want to be and do better things for others and themselves. i want my passion for love to shine through me. i have been going through a change in my heart lately... a great change. but its not over, and it wont be for awhile i am afraid. i just have this underlying feeling that i am not doing what i should be with my life right now. i am neglecting my passions for the more comfortable route in life. i know what my one true passion is... and i want others to love my passion just as much as i do... i love to love...


  1. I want you to know that you already have such a kind, loving and giving heart! You always have. It is very admirable and selfless that you have such passion to be there for people to love them within an inch of their lives. Not many people have that or admit to having it. :0) I understand it quite well, but I guess I haven't been able to put in those words specifically. I love to watch those I love doing well in life and loving what they do. Its so rewarding and comforting to know they are okay.
    I don't think you need to be "accomplished" persay, just open.
    Not that you don't draw people in as it is, but open arms and hearts are keys. :0)
    Never lose heart. :0)


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