If the internet could have cobwebs, this little place of mine would be full of them.
This teeny, tiny, little space, that I can call mine has been neglected this last year.
Maybe it's because I am more prone to write when my heart is heavy.
Or because there has been so much adventure.
I couldn't give it justice with my words.
I guess tonight is a mixture of both.

All I know is, it is almost midnight.
I can't sleep.
The glow of my Christmas tree is the only thing bright during the dark night.
And still nothing seems to come out the way I want it too.

So, as I try to brush away some of the cobwebs here
Let's get a recap of 2012, shall we... 

It has been a full year since I moved to San Diego.
It is everything I hoped it would be.
And I am praying it continues to surprise me.

I have a wonderful job.
I know the Lord had everything to do with placing me there.
The environment I work in is full of encouragement, support and love.
It is a great place to be a part of.
The Lord knew I needed it, and I think it needed me too.

I met a wonderful man only a few short weeks after being here. 
He stole my heart the day I met him.
I haven't bothered trying to get it back yet. 
It has been a roller coaster adventure ever since.
Our story is one for the ages.
There is no doubt our paths crossed for a reason.

Life seemed to fall together once I got here.
It is amazing what risk, adventure and life all have in common.
For me, it is a dream. A longing for something more.

This last year I think I have been learning a lot about myself.
It has been lonely at times.
A little harder to make friends (outside of work) than I thought it would be.
But as this new year is chugging full speed ahead
The itch to make lists, promises, resolution begins to burn
I will take all the things I have learned this year
And only make me better.

Hopefully there will be a lot more adventure, friends, love and happiness in all our days.
And a lot less cobwebs in this little place.



  1. I LOVED signing into my google reader and seeing this!!!
    So proud of you Kate!
    Can't wait to see what the next year holds for you here!


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