Confession of a Single Girl

So I would say in many ways I am your typical girl
I love chick flicks, and romance
I love getting dressed up and dolled up
I love pedicures, shopping, getting my hair done
Shoes, I love shoes...

but in some ways, I'm not your typical girl
I love to be outdoors, hiking, fourwheeling, camping (in moderation)
I love to watch and talk sports
and I don't really care for weddings and bridal/baby showers

I don't know what it is. Maybe its because most that I have been
to aren't my friends. But, I hate the awkwardness of not knowing
everyone in the crowd, and being forced to talk small talk with
friends you haven't seen in years that don't really seem to want to
talk to you. Its just one of those things that I am trying to enjoy
but more and more I realize I don't! haha

That is my confession for the day... I don't really like weddings or bridal/baby showers... one day I am sure I will but right now I don't care for them! eeeek!


  1. haha. I dont like weddings or baby anything either. If I can get out of participating in them I will for the exact same reasons.

  2. You're silly! Love you!



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