48. Sooo you're telling me, I'm not gonna die from this?

One reason I say that heartbreak is not contagious is because
I thought it was at one point...
When I was heartbroken,
So were three of my other friends.

It was almost like there was a Summertime conspiracy between our then boyfriends
All of us had our hearts broken within three weeks of each other
Ranging from one year- four years of togetherdom.
At the time, I thought maybe it was contagious.

Its not.

Also, contrary to popular belief
It doesn't kill ya... Like that saying, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
Its funny when those types of sayings prove to be true

It gets better.
It doesn't hurt for as long as you thought it would
There are even times that you see the light at the end of the tunnel
Then you find someone worth being better for again
There is a reason for all the pain
So you appreciate Love more than you did before

It all depends what you do with the experience.
Are you going to let it bring you down and defeat you?
Or are you going to tell yourself,
This is an opportunity to be better?
This is a chance to live the life you have always wanted?

It hurts. Its not fun.
But its not contagious. Or a terminal illness.

And then, it doesn't hurt. And life is fun again.

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